Premium scrubs with Core21 fabric technology

Designed by doctors and fitted by fashion designers. We're serious about quality, design and functionality. Feel the difference in our Core21 fabric which is liquid & hair repellent, lightweight, stretchy and quick dry.

Liquid & Hair Repellant

We've got your back no matter what your day throws at you. Water, coffee, bodily fluids and pet hair have no chance!

Stretchy & Squat Proof

4-way stretchy fabric providing all day superior comfort. Our pants are also squat-proof because, frankly, no one needs to see that!

Wrinkle Free & Quick Dry

Who has time to watch scrubs dry? Our fabric is highly durable, easy to wash, resists wrinkles and dries quickly.

100% Compostable Packaging

We use certified home compostable, fully biodegradable mailing satchels partly made from plants.

Ethically & Responsibly Made

Our scrubs are created by an ethical manufacturer who provides a fair, safe and enjoyable workplace.

Liquid & Hair Repellant

simply brushes off

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Worn by veterinarians Dr. Audrey & Dr. Alison, our scrubs are created and tested by medical professionals.